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How Do You Get Hepatitis: All Info About Hepatitis A, B and C

Hepatitis is a disease that attacks the liver of a person. There are 3 types of hepatitis in the world that people suffer from, and they all attack liver in the first place. A few symptoms of all three hepatitis are similar, but the treatment process if different.

Hepatitis A: This is the least complicated of all three with no long-term infection whatsoever. A person suffering from Hepatitis A can heal within 2-3 months if he/she takes medicines as per the prescribed quantity.

Hepatitis B: A person suffering from Hepatitis B can get rid of the infection in six months. Less often, Hepatitis B results in long-term infection, which also damages the liver. It is important to get the vaccination immediately after you determine that you have this disease. It is a communicable disease and you can transfer the virus to another person even when you are not feeling sick. So, vaccination is must.

Hepatitis C: A person suffering from Hepatitis C will not have any symptoms, but this disease is going to give a long-term infection, so get prepared for a long battle against this deadly disease. There is one condition that could generate due to Hepatitis C and i.e., Cirrhosis. Cirrhosis means scarring of the liver. The worst part about this disease is that there hasn’t been any vaccination to lower the effect or permanent eradicate the disease.

How do you get Hepatitis A?

When you drink or eat something with the presence of virus in it, then you get Hepatitis A.

How do you get Hepatitis B?

There are multiple ways by which you can come in contact with Hepatitis B, these are;
  1. Having sexual intercourse with the infected person.
  2. Sharing needles when injecting illegal drugs.
  3. Coming in contact with the body fluids or blood of a person who is suffering from the disease.
Women who are pregnant and suffering from Hepatitis B can pass on the disease to the foetus. To protect the child from dying from Hepatitis B, he/she needs to be given the right treatment in the first 12 hours of his/her birth.

How do you get Hepatitis C?

The process of transmission of Hepatitis C is same as that of Hepatitis B. If you share needles, come in contact with infected blood and/or body fluids, then you can have Hepatitis C. Moreover, if you have sex with the infected person, even then, you can get the disease, but it is not that common. There is one important thing that I would like to tell you that the blood used at the time of transfusions is not infected, but it is safe. Doctors check the blood prior to giving it to the patient in order to make sure that it doesn’t contain virus, which causes Hepatitis B or C.

Symptoms of Hepatitis

Let us find out what are the common symptoms of Hepatitis A, B and C types are;
  1. Stomach pain.
  2.          Fatigue.
  3. Dark urine.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Feeling sick in the stomach.
  6. Lack of nutrition.
  7. Low-grade fever.
  8. Pale coloured stool.
  9. Yellowing of eyes and/or skin.
A person who is suffering from Hepatitis B will also pain in the joints.

Treatment for Hepatitis

If you are suffering from Hepatitis A, then the doctor is going to check how healthy your liver is. There are many medicines available on the drug stores, which you can buy to get rid of Hepatitis A.
Hepatitis C is the most severe disease of all three, and it can be cured if you get Peginterferon Alpha and Ribavirin together. Hepatitis C can be treated with these medicines, but you may suffer from side-effects such as Anaemia, which is the low count of RBC and certain birth defects.

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