Tuesday, 13 September 2016

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like? Pros, Cons And Things To Keep In Mind

Anal sex isn’t a forbidden thing anymore. More and more people are trying this method of getting pleasure. Enough of sticking the penis in the vagina, it’s time to go backdoor and see how it feels. Surely, a boy is going to feel some difference, but for girl, it will be an unprecedented experience. Anal sex is totally different from vaginal sex because anus has another role to play in the body, but for people, it’s just that, ‘where there is a hole, stick your pole’. But, there are a few things that people need to keep in mind while doing anal sex in order to make it less painful and more pleasurable.

There is no maybe for women when it comes to anal sex. She will either love it or hate it. If she hates it, then she must have undergone extreme pain in the past doing the anal sex or she must have seen or heard a girl crying blood at the time of having anal sex. A girl who loves it must have undergone a whole different experience. From the boys’ perspective, it is important to make your female partner comfortable about anal sex. Try different positions to make anal sex more joyful and pleasurable experience. You must know what your female partner thinks about anal sex in order to pursue with the same.

Pros of Anal Sex

It feels good

When penis gets inside a hole that is not the vagina, then the sensation a girl get is totally different. It feels really amazing to a girl because the feeling is something else, something that is never felt before. The rectum will suck up the penis, thus giving you a new sensation as well. Your partner can get orgasm from anal sex.

Time to turn naughty

How about a kinky sex? Have you done that before? If yes, then take it to a new level by performing anal sex. It will be an experience to remember for both you and your girl, and since you are doing it in secret, nobody is going to know anything about it.

Cons of Anal Sex

Extreme pain

Since the rectum is not designed to take things in, as its purpose is to throw the faeces out of the body, so it can be very painful for the girl. You have to take all the necessary measures to make anal sex less painful and more comfortable for her. You can use some lubricant before you thrust. Also, keep your motion slow while you are inside of her.

Can be messy

Women loves to stay beautiful and charming in front of their partners, so when you perform anal sex with her, you are going to see her explode all over herself. She will be covered in faeces, which may not be a good sight for you. Also, she doesn’t like that picture. This is perhaps the reason why women dodge the question of ‘do you want to have anal sex’ because they can imagine it to go wrong with severe repercussions.

Important things to keep in mind while going for anal sex

Use a lubricant

When you insert your penis in her vagina, you don’t feel any traction because her vagina produces a lubricant, but that’s not the case with rectum. So, you will have to apply a lubricant in her anus or she can do it herself.

Indulge her in foreplay

You have to touch her closer to her anus with your fingers and then, slightly insert your fingers into her anus. Note her reactions while you do it in order to go about the next step. You can kiss her all over the body to make her feel aroused. You must know the art of teasing and anticipation.

Use protection

You have to use a condom as it will protect you from getting any disease after getting in contact with the faecal material. Moreover, it will help your partner, as her rectum will not be filled with your semen. A rectum filled with semen can make a girl sick, so therefore, it is important for you to use protection.

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