Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Can A Person Get HIV From Oral Sex?

Oral sex is a part of sexual intercourse. Oral sex is performed to arouse the partner. Oral sex is less risky than vaginal or anal sex because it can’t make a female pregnant, plus the chances of having STDs are also quite less. Now, there is one major concern in the minds of the people regarding oral sex. People who are sexually active need to know whether they can get HIV from oral sex. 

The chances are less, but one still can’t write it off. Let’s just discuss a case; a female is giving blow job to her male partner who is affected by HIV. So, a blow job is given by sucking the penis of the male partner. The fluids of the male will enter into the mouth of the female, and if there are cuts and sores in the lips, then the fluids will enter the body from there as well. With the entrance of fluids, HIV will also enter into the body of the female.

Let us know take the scenario in which the male is licking the vagina of his female partner who is affected by HIV. His tongue is stimulating the vagina, causing fluids to enter into his mouth. This is good enough for HIV to affect another person. Though the chances of HIV are very less, yet a person can’t just ignore it.
A female who is blowing his partner off needs to spit the semen in order to reduce the risk for HIV. If she let it stay in the mouth, then she is asking for trouble. If she swallows the semen, then it will pass through stomach acid, and the enzymes present in the oesophagus will kill the virus. For women, it is not ideal to perform oral sex if there are sores in the mouth because then, the chances of getting HIV become more. Though, getting HIV from oral sex is a rare thing to happen, but there are other STDs, which can affect the person. These are: Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. 

The answer to the question of can you get HIV from Oral is Yes. There is a possibility that you can get HIV from Oral Sex, but it is quite rare to happen. We have discussed how women can get HIV by giving blow-jobs to their partners, so they have to either spit or swallow instead of wallow, if they want to avoid getting HIV. Same goes for men; if they are licking their female partners, then they will also have to either spit or swallow.

How to reduce the chances of getting HIV from Oral sex?

Women shouldn’t let their male partners to ejaculate in their mouth. Don’t go by the porn movies, as they do it for fun, but in reality, ejaculating in the mouth is not a healthy thing to do. While doing oral sex, it is better to use a barrier such as a condom or a dental dam to reduce the chances of HIV, STDs and Hepatitis. A latex condom is good enough to avoid any transmission of fluids. A dental dam does the same thing, but it looks a bit different than a condom. 

A dental dam is a thin square piece of silicon or latex that a woman can place over her vagina or anus before her male partner begins oral sex. A condom can be cut lengthwise to be used as a dental dam. The chances of HIV transmission through oral sex is even lower if the HIV positive person is taking the right medication, i.e., ART to suppress the virus from growing in the body. A person who has been tested negative for HIV can also take PrEP medicine to avoid the risk of getting HIV.

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