Thursday, 30 June 2016

Sexual Health And Maintaining It On Optimum Levels

Sexual health was considered differently than health in previous times when talking about it was nothing short of a taboo. Since sexual activities are always kept behind closed curtains, talking about sexual health was considered an illicit activity. While women already were oppressed so could not discuss their sexual health issues with anyone, men due to their egoistic manner of socialism also kept it to themselves. As a result, for those who used to have any issues were suffering silently. Now as even researches have concluded, the sexual part of health is more of a debatable issue than ever.

How women take their sexual health?

While women discuss most of it among themselves now, men still find issues and rather resort to silent methodologies like stipulations as well as internet research for quenching their urge in their sexual issues. Maintaining sexual health is even more important than other aspects of health. While it affects us physically giving us immense types of pain, mentally they also have a variety of effects on psychology. Issues like erectile dysfunction are not  discussed among men.

While for both genders, females also have issues like STDs symptoms which cannot be eradicated by discussing with each other. There are a few steps which can be followed to ensure a proper sexual health apart from any sickness. Since sexual health is an integral part of full health, some of these tips will advise you to focus on daily health which correspondingly will help in maintaining sexual health.

Overall state of health has a huge impact on sexual health. Not falling ill and not having small issues like cough and cold has a huge impact on sexual health. While these issues look small, they lower our defense, affect our immunity and overall health depletes.

How obesity affects sexual health?

Obesity is another factor in maintaining sexual health. In both males and females, obesity makes you dull as well as leads to secretion of estrogenic in male’s hence decreasing libido and sperm count. Obesity also leads to other health issues such as diabetes and cholesterol’s impact on heart. Since cholesterol leads to irregular and high blood pressure, it means that there is no uniformity in blood pressure. This leads to low blood flow in veins of penis hence irregular and low erection time.

Losing some fat can tune up your metabolism, encourage testosterone production and can help general health as well as sexual health in long run. It also helps the heart and keeps blood pressure in control. STDs are another issues which must be kept in check. STDs occur too many of those who are sexually active but had got it in heredity or had the misfortune of coming in contact with someone who has it.

How to maintain a healthy sexual life?

To make your sexual life better, maintaining your sexual health in case of STDs is very important. Always get yourself checked for it and whenever you are with a new partner, get them checked too. If there is any infection found in you, diagnosis should not be limited to you but also to your sexual partner. Get them checked too. If there are any symptoms then it must be immediately discussed with your partner and then intercourse must be discontinued till it is eradicated. Contact a health practitioner and get it eliminated as soon as possible.

Diet is a chief driving force behind maintaining sexual health. Eating a well-balanced diet comprising of vitamins, minerals and health supplements makes sure that there is no lack of any nutrient in your body. This keeps the immunity up and if you had any STD in the past, it would not be an issue until you are having immunity as a backup.

Friday, 24 June 2016

Effects Of Addiction On Your Sexual Health

Getting engaged in addiction habits like chain smoking and drugs consumptions direct your lifestyle towards serious problems and miseries which affect your physical as well as mental state to a very large extent. One of the serious damage that these lifestyle habits do is on the sexual life and intimacy.

It is believed that people can live a healthy sexual life even when they have serious addictions like continuous smoking and deadly drug intake, which is a big lie & practically false. As the person falls into deeper state of addiction, delusion and self-contained absorption there is no space or room for anyone in their life. Even if the individual tries to escape their addiction there is a long period of time which they take in order to regain their healthy sexual and intimacy relationships.

If people increase alcohol and drug abuse in their life then it becomes almost impossible to maintain healthy intimate relationship as the substances causing addiction create obsession in your life which eliminates the chances for a healthy sexual partner. In worse cases of addiction abuse people engaged lose interest in sex and in intimacy completely. Delusion and self-obsession is what people get when they enter the world of addiction and they find trusting other people really difficult which ultimately creates a barrier to intimacy. They still have people who love them and care for them but they have a mixed feeling of wariness and affection.

In such situations people get involved in promiscuous sex that lacks intimacy and feelings as it involves multiple sexual partners. Such people surprisingly wake up with total strangers with complete lack of memory as they have no idea of what happened a night before. Such individual know the true need of in intimacy and love but they are too much involved in their selfish lifestyle that they keep their greed above their feelings and they create a greedy habit of promiscuous sex with impulsive and poor life decisions. In such scenarios the person becomes vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancy.

Addiction abuse leaves devastating impact on one’s sexual health. People with cocaine addiction think that they have enhanced sexual performance but such ability lasts for a very short period of time and after that they are stuck with physical and mental stress. Addicted people mainly suffer from a very serious and unusual sexual health issues and problems like erectile dysfunction in males and decreased libido through drug abuse in women. In all, over length or over consumption of these harmful and deadly drugs can dysfunction one’s entire sexual lives as they lose control over sex and intimacy.

Many times when finally people realize the damage they are doing to themselves, recovering from such addiction and drug abuse is the hardest thing they face. Not everyone has the courage to fix their flaws and bring their life back on track by quitting addiction causing habits like smoking, drugs consumption and drinking. In order to improve things the addicted individual can surely take help from a professional health and lifestyle counselor who can underline and highlight their issues and motivate them towards achieving satisfactory intimate relationships.

What people get through these addiction habits and drug abuse is loneliness and failure with a strong sense of solitude and emptiness which separates them from people around them or the people who care for them. These feelings are there utmost peak when the person is trying to regain control over his life through recovery and rehabilitation. It involves struggles as the individual lacks the support due to loneliness which can cause depression if the person is not strong enough. For an addict Life becomes meaningless with no goals and passion. Drug abuse and addicted lifestyle suck all your happiness and joys out of your life.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Condom Related Mistakes And Their Solutions

While condoms are the safest and easiest available sexual pleasure enhancers as well as birth controllers and protectors from STD, in spite of their positive points, if used improperly can be catastrophic. Condoms, though are in reach of everyone but there are some proper ground rules which must be kept in mind while using condoms. Some of these areas under:

Why condoms get torn?

Improper carrying and storing of condoms tends to break them down. Condoms are stored in wallets by many men and it might result in them breaking or puncturing because of your coin purse or keys, same goes if you store condoms in glove box of your car as temperature rises in there. Condoms must be stores precisely at room temperature away from heat and sunlight. Extreme conditions can take away elasticity of condoms and hence can result in breaking of those. We must also check some common things while buying them or before using them such as manufacturing and expiry of condoms. Using them at their prime offers proper lubrication as well as slim chances of getting broken.
Application issues also lead to more problems such as spillage and chances of pregnancy. Holding the tip tightly for no air inside and rolling up to the base of an erect penis are very important. The most basic part of it is that it should be applied on an erect penis only and if by any mistake it is rolled inside out, the same condom should not be used again. It should be thrown away. Another part of improper condom usage is that one condom is used for anal, vaginal and oral sex which is not suitable. One condom must be thrown away after one part of the intercourse.

There is a common supposition and rumur that using two condoms instead of one will double up the protection. The reverse is true but this is not. If we use two condoms on top of each other, it will result in increased friction which will lead to the condom tearing up. A single condom provides lubrication whereas using two condoms only leads to losing it and resulting in friction. It is the best that we must stick to using a single condom per time.

Condoms should not be reused. They should not be reused even if you are during the intercourse with same person. These are one time usage products and once you lose erection, these must be thrown away. Using condoms again increases chances of spreading STD, safeguarding from which you earlier did use condom. So to avoid going back to square one, we must always use a condom once and never reuse it. Condoms should not be used for multiple body parts too. If a condom is used during oral sex, it cannot be used for vaginal or anal. This is because we do not want condom to become a carrier of fluids hence resulting in STD to our partner and then it reaching out to us.

Things to consider while buying a condom?

Condoms are available in market in a lot of material choices. They vary from latex to animal based condoms. While latex are the industry standards with protection, animal based condoms do not offer same level of protection. So we must be very careful with our choice of products. Further there are other types of condoms like glow in the dark condoms which are objectified for entertainment purposes more than protection. So these kind of condoms  do not provide that level of protection.

Choosing an adequate lubricant is important. While condoms do have lubrication on them, you must also use additional water based lubrication to make friction go hence lowering chances of condom puncture. Oil based lubrication should be avoided as it can rupture condoms. Always use water based lubrication.