Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Can You Get Chlamydia From Oral Sex?

 This blog is about the spreading of a disease called Chlamydia which is a sexually transmitted diseases. This disease is usually transmitted through physical contact to an infected person. Researchers have proven that these kinds of infections are usually spread due to unsafe intercourse.

Moreover, use of condoms can’t guarantee the protection from the infection. If a partner is suffering from such kind of infections then there are chances that the other person will get infected besides using any safety measures. The infection can be found on any part of the body, thus the person should ensure proper precautions as well as safety measures during an intercourse. 

Cause Of Transmission Of These Infections
Some people often talk about the spreading of this infection and according to them; the major cause is the oral sex. This kind of sex may be a reason of the spreading of the virus but this thing is not confirmed by medical experts. According to them, these kinds of viruses are often transmitted via sexual interactions and have greater chances of spreading through oral contamination from the infected person to the healthy person. Also, experts say that it doesn’t matter if your partner is using proper protection: there is full chance of spreading the virus if your partner is carrying the bacteria or the infection.

How Can You Examine That You Are Having Chlamydia ?
If you are women and you are concerned with the signs that may include improper vaginal discharge or burning sensation during urination, then certainly you may be carrying an infection. Some other symptoms may include a burning pain in the lower abdomen which may be continuous or may be continue and then vanish. This is also a sign that you may be having a sexually transmitted disease and you must need to consult your doctor. Apart from this, many people also complain about blood in their urine and also an urge to urinate very often. It may be fatal and you may feel to urinate again and again even after few seconds of urinating. If you are also facing these issues then it is strictly advised to consult your physician and undergo proper investigation and various test to determine the actual cause. Some tests may take some investigations and your doctor may ask you frequent questions regarding the problem.

Symptoms Of Chlamydia In Men
This kind of situation can also be felt by men and they have some symptoms that may be alerting and they should not be ignored. People often feel pain or a burning sensation while passing the urine. This may continue for a couple of seconds or continue till the end of passing. This can be a really annoying as well as disturbing symptom that needs medical attention. Apart from this, some people also feel that there is a white discharge from the tip of their penis. This watery discharge may be thick in color and can cause burning sensation on the tip of penis. Furthermore, inflammation and tenderness is often seen in and around the testicles that can lead to itchiness and discomfort in the lower abdomen. If you are facing these kinds of issues then it is strictly advised that you should visit your doctor and provide all the detailed information regarding your condition.

How To Prevent Chlamydia?
This infection can be prevented by a proper awareness of both the partners.  Using a male latex condom will prevent these infection to be transmitted and thus will protect you from getting infected. A female polyurethane condom can also be found to be protective during a sexual contact. Also, you must avoid sexual activities with a number of persons. This way you can avoid this infection from spreading.