Thursday, 14 July 2016

Know About STDs And Its Complications During The Pregnancy

Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) are contagious diseases that transmitted from person to person through physical can effect both gender of all ages. Symptoms of STD’s or sexually transmitted infections are mostly seen in teens and they are more prone to these diseases.

There are different types of STDs like herpes, gonorrhea, genital warts and many more. The most common one out of these is gonorrhea that will catch you with any type of sex. You will get this infection when you come in contact with mouth, vagina, anus and penis. This infection develops around the moist parts of the body i.e., uterus, fallopian tube and cervix.

How the STD’s disseminate: you do not get infected with such diseases through sexual intercourse only but you can get it through skin contact with an infected area also. Another delusion about STD is that you will not get if you have done oral or anal sex. You may get viruses of STD through tiny cuts in anus or mouth. STD’s also spread because of embarrassment that you can’t tell to anybody. Even some people remains unaware of it.
Some of the major points that increases the chance of catching STD are:
  • Sexual intercourse at blooming age: The immature persons starts enjoying sex but they are not aware of it that this is dangerous for them at early age.
  • No: of sex partners: Those having sex with more than one partner are at higher risk of getting this disease than those limited to single one.
  • Unsafe sex: unsafe sex without using any safety measure also results in STD. One should must use latex condoms every time when you are having sexual intercourse. It reduces the risk of pregnancy as well as getting STI.

Prevention And Treatment For STD’s

Prevention is the key for this disease rather than treating them. You have to hold back yourself from doing sexual contact. Use condom every time when engaging yourself in such activity.

Regular genital and gynecological tests should be performed by those, who have done regular sex. It will help you in treating STD at earlier stage.

People must disclose about unprotected sex if they have already done it to the doctor so that he can able to diagnose the patient in right way. No need to feel shy in telling about STD to your doctor because treatment is possible at early stage else patient may succumb to  disease.

STDs Complications During Pregnancy

Various complications that may include during pregnancy are uterine infection post-delivery, premature rupturing of uterine membranes, early labor outbreak.A Sexually transmitted disease can even transfer to newborn baby through fetus. Infections like syphilis can easily infect the fetus and affect its development. Infant may get genital herpes, chlamydia and gonorrhea during vaginal delivery. During child development in fetus, a women with HIV positive may transfer the infection. Breastfeeding is another source of transmitting HIV from mother to her infant.These infections have dire consequences to the babies like meningitis, blindness, liver disease, deafness and neurological damage includes brain wreckage or disorder of motor function.

Women infected with STD’s like syphilis, bacterial vaginosis, gonorrhea can be easily diagnosed during pregnancy with antibiotics that kills the bacteria and viruses. But if a women is having a viral type of STI then it is not curable and there might be chances of transmission of virus to their infants. The symptoms of this infections can be handled during pregnancy in order to reduce uneasiness.It is most important to visit the doctor regularly if you are facing any such situation during pregnancy. There are several precautionary measures that need to be taken during pregnancy so as to avoid STD infection to catch infant. Talk to the doctor about the treatment of sexual transmitted disease.