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Herpes Symptoms In Women: Why It Occurs And How It Can Be Treated?

Herpes is a disease which is common in both genders. It has different types of condition and outbreaks, and it sometimes shows no symptoms.

This disease is more triggered in women. Herpes in women results in an outbreak when it remains in body for max time and causes stress. Out of 4 every 1 women in US suffering from it.

Herpes in women generally show the signs of outbreak initially, which is from 2 to 10 days. It will last up to 3 weeks after acquiring this disease. There is a need for an immediate treatment for a woman who feels this symptom of the HSV virus.

Earlier Signs And Symptoms Which May Be Seen Before Outbreak In Women Are:

  1. Irritation and feeling of blisters in vagina and its area around includes upper legs and anus.
  2. Unexpected discharge from vagina.
  3. Bump in the lymph node with enlargement in abdominal area.
  4. Nausea, fever, joints pain and headache are the other disorders.
  5. Improper and painful urinating.

After The Outbreaks Occurs, You Will See The Following Herpes Symptoms In women

  1. Presence of varied small and large sized ulcers and sores. These are then busted till outbreak and can be looked at various parts like anus, thighs and genitals.
  2. Prickling and irritable red rashes.
  3. Pain while urine discharge.
  4. Unusual discharge from vagina.
These symptoms happen on a monthly basis. So if they happen again and again, it means you have acquired the genital herpes. So, if any woman experiences such symptoms so without feeling any shy and humiliation she must go to the doctor to seek his advice. There are many types of treatment available in the market which are very useful. Natural and homeopathic medicines are also available for this disease. After getting control on physical effect. Mental and emotional aspects can be easily dealt.

Diagnose: We know that there is no treatment for herpes simplex once you acquired it you will get for a lifetime. But certain things will help you to prevent from these symptoms to be shown up. Various treatments and OTC products available for women affected with herpes are:

Creams and suspensions are the things which will directly apply to affected area. You can apply balm with sulfate base on your genitals. This will give you relief from irritation. Try to not touch the sore, as this will lead to further infection and makes the case a bit complicated.

There are anti-viral medicines for the people those remain affected with this eruption again and again. These medicines are used to stop the movement of herpes virus and decrease the number of outbreaks.

Dried leaves and herbs are another option for treating your herpes. These are readily available in fitness stores. How to take and how much to take is prescribed on the bottle. You just have to go through them before taking it.

Therapies like ‘oxygen’ and ‘nutritional’ therapies are the substitute to the medicines. These alternative medicines help to improve the immune system of patient and fights against the virus to stop its function.

During Outbreak Following Food Is To Be Avoided

Diet is important in herpes outbreak. Proper and healthy food is preferred to patient showing symptoms. Food rich in lysine like fruits, vegetables and dairy products are preferred and those rich in arginine are to be avoided. These are chocolates, oats and nuts.

Just remaining stress free is another option you have to prevent from this eruption. Going with your friends on a short trip and chilling out with them is a way to keep yourself aside from stressed life and prevent yourself from reoccurring.

Keep yourself away from continuous smoking and drinking habits. This plays an important role in increasing the virus of herpes simplex.

So we can easily remain free from this virus by just reading about it and take precautions for this virus properly. Feel free to share about this disease with your loved ones and also let them stay away from this disease.

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